Experience a vending service upgrade

State-of-the-art vending machines with cashless payment options and guaranteed product delivery sensors.

Pay by phone

Use your mobile device to quickly and securely purchase your favorite vending machine snack or drink.

Use credit or debit

No more fumbling for change with CC Vending vending machines — they all accept credit and debit cards.

Vending machine services in New York City

App-based analytics

With our app, we can provide digital coupons on mobile devices as well as real-time customer sales reports.

Data-driven offerings

No more guessing what will sell, we know using technology and rotate in additional similar products.

Tech-enhanced service

Invested in the systems that drive up service for New York City and Tri-State companies.

Cloud capabilities

Internet connected vending machines provide accurate and transparent information.

Instant reports

With remote monitoring technology, we are able to see what’s happening in real-time.

Reducing our footprint

Targeted technology streamlines our vending services to reduce vehicle emissions.

Proven product variety

We place only today’s best selling vending machine products into our vending equipment.

Better beverages

Enjoy great tasting beverages from soda to flavored water and everything in-between.

Local food goods

Food is made at a local FDA-approved commissary to ensure it’s fresh and delicious.

Wellness focused

Opt for vending machine products that are good for you and support healthy lifestyle choices.

Improve the vending machine experience at your location with innovations brought to you by CC Vending, from Group C at 800.761.0810 and info@teamgroupc.com.