New York and Tri-State Area micro-markets
Leading edge design
Get the latest in open concept refreshment fixtures from aesthetically pleasing shelving to lit glass-front coolers.

Self-serve kiosk in New York and Tri-State Area
Mobile scan and pay
Our mobile app eliminates the need for a kiosk, ensuring easy payment via mobile app and maximize room for product.

Micro-markets in New York and Tri-State Area
Loyalty and customer programs
We provide electronic coupons, including the option for companies to reward employees by picking up the cost of certain products.

Time for an extraordinary break room

Without additional cost, ensure employees have access to hundreds of products in a pleasing, open concept design.

Create your own 
mini micro-market

Most service providers can not offer micro-markets to small locations, but Group C can with Yoke. Our expandable concept is perfect for small businesses with 40 or fewer people onsite. It offers more variety along with a mobile app for payment. Plus, we use remotely captured sales data to customize and optimize the offerings based on usage at your specific New York City and Tri-State Area location.

Full complement of professional break room services

Convenient and secure payment

All our locations accept mobile payment, the fastest growing payment option in the US.

Personalized break area

We design a custom market that meets your space and product requests, further perfecting the offerings with data.

New York City and Tri-State Area micro-markets for offices and employees

Smart inventory

Real-time sales information lets us know what your location needs for restocking before we leave the warehouse.

Secure payment option

Eliminating the kiosk eliminates access ports for criminals to steal credit card and personal information.

New York City and Tri-State Area micro-markets for offices and employees
Bring your New York City or Tri-State Area company to the next level with superior
offerings from Group C’s Yoke Market at 800.761.0810 and