Enjoy more features and benefits

From smart inventory management to mobile payment systems, Group C offers self-serve kiosks that redefine break room refreshment.

Encrypted payments

High level encryption ensures all electronic payment methods are fully secured from being hacked and data stolen.

Camera-enabled markets

Digital surveillance monitors the entire micro-market at your New York City or Tri-State Area facility in the event there is ever an issue.

Better user experience

The sophisticated self-serve kiosk has a touchscreen and technology-forward interface that employees enjoy using.

Digital signage

Use the self-serve kiosk to send digital messages companywide, from safety tips to corporate events.

Internet inventory

The web-based management built into the kiosk makes keeping inventory stocked a reliable and automatic process.

Fully enclosed

Each self-serve kiosk is completely secured with no open ports or access points for would-be data thieves.

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