Designed for variety

Get more snack, food, and drink choices in the same space thanks to the open shelving and coolers.

Group C offers a completely customized micro-market solution. All displays are unique to the location and include hundreds of product options. The micro-market concept invites employees in, making them appreciate their workplace and employer. Companies can boost this benefit by paying for some or all of the cost of products in the micro market, reducing product prices. Partner with us to get just the solution you need.


Improve morale

When employees see a micro-market, they think it’s an innovative benefit granted from the employer, elevating the corporate culture.

Opt for healthy

A micro-market brings in great tasting healthy products, including all natural, non-GMO, vegan, and more.

Drive efficiency

Create a space employees can get a grab and go snack or drink so they can refuel and get back to work.

Enhance culture

Improve the atmosphere in the workplace with a employee-impressing micro-market full of popular products.

Computerized inventory

Each sale is collected by the micro-market kiosk and reported back to ensure we know what needs restocking.

Great selection

No coils means a near limitless area to offer additional flavors, bold new options, and old favorites.

Attractive design

Each micro-market is customized with contemporary elements that fit your break room and will impress employees.

Self check-out

Make micro-market purchases securely using the touchscreen kiosk or micro-market mobile app.

Incentivize refreshment

Boost the benefit of the micro-market by covering the cost of some or all of the products for employees.

Better balance

Help employees get the work/life balance they have always wanted with convenient onsite refreshment.

Freshen up the break room space with a micro-market from Group C at 800-761-0810 or