Single cup coffee brewers for all your business needs in New York City and Tri-State Area

Choose the ideal brewer

From premeasured convenience to freshly ground flavor, Group C offers many single cup brewers each with unique benefits for your workplace.

Never cold or bitter

Single cup coffee brewers deliver an unprecedented convenience with their on-demand brewing of quality coffee.

Great variety

Brew any number of delicious drinks from herbal teas to dark roast Columbian coffee and a number of specialty options.

Energize employees

Perk up those employee benefits with a unique single cup coffee solution ideal for New York City and Tri-State area businesses.

Sophisticated brewing

Technology enhanced coffee brewing ensures each cup is delicious, while eliminating flavor cross over for the next user.

New York City and Tri-State Area single cup Metropolitan Coffee House coffee brewers

Powerful employee benefit. Counter top footprint.

Employees in New York City and Tri-State area love personalizing their coffee and tea. Offer them a chance to do this without having to leave the office using a single cup brewer. There are different types to choose from including options that use sealed and premeasured coffee pods. They offer variety, convenience, and a positive experience at your location.

VKI Eccellenza Cafe delivers specialty bean to cup

Coffee drinkers in New York City and Tri-State area are more discerning than ever. Offer them a sophisticated bean to cup brewer that makes 68 different specialty beverages, including gourmet coffee, cappuccino, latte, espresso, and mochaccino.

Bean to cup know-how from Cafection

Thanks to a long history of making bean-to-cup brewers, Cafection knows how to deliver great tasting coffee with the Encore 29 and Total 1 machines. Both machines grind the ideal amount of whole coffee beans before brewing the user’s beverage, creating the sights and smells of your favorite café.

Newco delivers innovative pod brewing systems

Choose the best Newco system to fit your needs. A one-touch, programmable pod brewing system, the modern Fresh Cup brews up to five programmable coffee recipes. The CX Touch, a specialty drink machine with a high resolution touch screen, offers 87 preset café-style beverages.

Single-serve excellence with BUNN brewers

Enjoy a consistently brewed, delicious cup of coffee or tea with the My Café® AutoPod® brewer. The pulse-brew technology ensures that each hot beverage receives the perfect flavor profile while the automatic pod disposal keeps the Autopod ready to brew the next cup.

Keurig Green Mountain authorized

Get a well-known Keurig single cup brewer made to last in an office environment. Group C is authorized to deliver a commercial grade Keurig single cup brewer along with the hundreds of coffee and specialty drink options available in K-cups.

Single cup Metropolitan Coffee House office coffee services in New York City and Tri-State Area
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