Cold Brew

What is Cold Brew

A smooth coffee with less acid, more sweetness, and natural flavors than traditional hot brewed coffee.

How to Cold Brew

High quality coffee beans are roasted, ground, and then steeped in room-temperature water for an extended period of time.

Why to Cold Brew

By not using hot water, the coffee is less bitter and acidic delivering a smooth, delicious drink New York City and Tri-State residents love.

Cold Brew vs. Iced

Cold brew is a specialty coffee drink different than iced coffee, which is hot brewed coffee or espresso poured over ice.

Cold brew office coffee in New York City and Tri-State Area

Delicious cold brew coffee options to keep you going

Nothing beats the energizing and flavor-packed taste of cold brew coffee. Group C offers a premier cold brew brand, Wandering Bear, to New York City and Tri-State Area offices as a way to deliver this incredibly popular drink right in the breakroom. Create a custom cold brew tap or offer on-the-go size brews for busy employees — we will customize the cold brew program for your needs.

Elevate the experience with cold brew on tap

Tap into cold brew

Enhance your office with the latest coffee trend in New York City and Tri-State Area — cold brew on draft.

Eco-friendly brew

Using a keg removes 80-160 bottles from distribution while delivering the finest craft coffee and teas

Designed for you

We custom design your tap setup for the best workflow and to give it a “wow” factor for your employeesaThe cold brew tap setup is integrated into your space for perfect workflow and to impress New York City and Tri-State Area employees.

Set your office apart

Cold brew is fast becoming the drink of choice for New York City and Tri-State Area workers — ensure your facility can deliver it!

Tap cold brew coffee in New York City and Tri-State Area
Stock today’s must-have cold brews available from Group C at 800.761.0810 and