Cafe-rivaling coffee

Customize your coffee menu with a selection of micro roasted whole beans, ground coffee, and single-serve options.

One brewer, multiple drinks

Indulge individual beverage preferences and meet your organization’s needs with one of our bean-to-cup brewers.

Single-cup brewers

Now everyone can choose their own coffee or hot beverage and brew it fresh with a pod coffee brewer or K-Cup machine.

Equipment tailored to your coffee program

Your organization is unique — expect nothing less from your coffee program equipment.

Our job is to provide you with the very best coffee service experience starting with our great-tasting, artisanal micro roast, Metropolitan Coffee House. Available in five distinct flavors, there is an option for everyone. Without any ties to specific brewing equipment, we will tailor your coffee service equipment solution to meet your organization’s hot beverage needs.

Cloud-based service technology

Our approach to office coffee service is to utilize an online system that eliminates waste, pilferage, and unaccountable expenses.

Lightspeed warehouse tech

An innovative warehouse system that ensures each location is restocked with all the products needed.

Access date online

Enjoy complete transparency with our online monitoring system that reports sales and location status.

Simple invoicing

With our robust technology, we can create one invoice for your company with the exact products used at your location.

Around the clock service

Being there is important to us, so we have someone on call, 24/7 including holidays and weekends all year long.

Tea services in New York City and Tri-State Area
New York City and Tri-State Area tea services for offices

Tea is great
any time of day

Bring in the hot beverage growing quickly in popularity — tea made with the best quality ingredients.

From herbal to Oolong, tea is becoming the go-to drink of younger employees. Green tea especially has been shown to benefit health. With so many varieties, tea is a great addition to the office coffee service program at your New York City and Tri-State Area location.

Better water
without the hassle

Great tasting water encourages consumption, from healthy glasses of water to better tasting coffee and tea. With our water filtration systems, we can connect to your existing water line, filtering out the impurities until you are left with pristine, delicious tasting water.

Bring your New York City or Tri-State Area company to the next level with superior offerings from Group C’s Yoke Market at 800.761.0810 and