Corporate wellness and healthy vending machines in New York City and Tri-State Area

Elated employees

Healthy refreshment options support better lifestyle choices that create happier, more engaged employees.

Health-focused programs

We can customize the ideal health and wellness program for your New York City and Tri-State Area business.

Better performance

Being healthy allows employees to better do their job, with fewer sick days and better concentration.

Get help with corporate wellness

Using cutting edge technology, we tailor the health and wellness program to your location regardless of service. From custom Yoke Micro-Markets to CC Vending to Metropolitan House Coffee, we have the delicious and nutritious products to support healthy living. Smart sales tracking further personalizes new and existing products to deliver a superior experience.

Plenty of flavor and benefits

Our full line of good-for-you products makes it easy to get a tasty variety while still staying in the healthy product range.

Design a refreshment solution that empowers with the help of the Group C family of companies. Contact 800.761.0810.