We offer Metropolitan Coffee House coffee so you get a variety of gourmet flavors that also support coffee farming communities.

Metropolitan coffee house and office coffee products in New York City

MCH 5 Boro Blend

A light roasted coffee that delivers nice complexity and a medium body with hints of nut, caramel, and cocoa.

MCH Soho Blend

This medium roast has a slight oiling with flavors of dark chocolate, a full body, and smooth finish.

MCH Broadway Blend

Brew up a dark french roast with heavy oils and dark chocolate notes, that tastes creamy and heavy bodied.

MCH Swedish Delight

Go for a light and dark mixed blend with slight flavors of citrus and cocoa while being nutty and creamy.

MCH 3rd Wave

Splashes of cocoa, caramel, citrus, and blueberry combine in this delicious medium-bodied light roast.

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Indulge in a Micro Roast

Opt for coffee that is truly artisanal with our own micro roast coffee. The emphasis is on freshness and carefully choosing coffee beans before roasting them to a precise roast profile. We roast it ourselves, ensuring it has exceptional flavor.

High quality coffee everyone likes

Dozens of quality coffee options available ensure you can meet the flavor preferences of everyone in your New York City or Tri-State area office.

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Taste the culmination of 20 years of coffee tradition, responsible bean sourcing, and innovative roasting in each La Colombe coffee. The rewarding flavor satisfies across job levels and types of location, enjoyed by all in the New York City and Tri-State area.

Brooklyn Roasting Company offers more than 15 international coffee blends that highlight the character of the Brooklyn area. It’s a coffee company steeped in coffee-roasting heritage and committed to sustainable farming and trade practices.

Italians are known for good coffee and Segafredo Zanetti doesn’t disappoint. This high-quality espresso will make you feel as though you are in Italy’s cafes. A premium flavor that will delight New York City and Tri-State area employees and customers.

Keep everyone coming back with delicious single-serve coffee options

Create a unique coffee menu with a variety of single-serve selections including products from White Coffee. A premium, upscale coffee brand, White Coffee offers both organic and traditional single-serve coffees in the compostable and biodegradable BioCup™. Whether it’s a breakfast blend, single-origin coffee, decaf, or your favorite flavored single-cup, there is an option for everyone.

Bring the aroma of a coffee shop to you with coffee pods

Sealed inside filter paper immediately after roasting, Coffee Pods are a flavor-filled single-serve option. The different brewing process releases a stronger coffee aroma creating an enjoyable sensory experience. Invite your employees and guests to taste the difference with a variety of options including a selection of teas.

Complete break room solution

Not only do we carry the best coffee products, but all the extras to go with them, such as stir sticks, creamers, cups, lids, sugar, plates, and utensils.

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