Michael Cascione, Sr., President of CC Vending, Inc.

Michael Cascione, Sr. (“Mike”) is the founder and president of CC Vending, based in Mt. Vernon, NY. Since its startup in 1989 with a single beverage machine, CCV has become one of the largest vending companies in the New York metropolitan area, servicing over 15,000 machines, while managing the operations of several other companies throughout four states.

Mike credits his early embrace and investment in technology and the wireless System as one of the keys to his and the company’s success.   CCV currently develops new technology for Micro-Markets and creates healthy products for the K-12 market, where it services the nation’s largest public school system, the NYC Department of Education. Mike continues to be an advocate for innovation in the industry, fulfilling his goal of transforming CCV from a vending company into a technology firm, which lead to the creation of Group C!!

Quality refreshment services that cater to your unique location with great products and stellar service.

Real-time data

We aim for 100% transparency, providing purchase histories and various spending reports.

Mobile wallet enabled

We invested in the latest cashless technology in order to accept Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

Light Speed warehouse

Technology in our warehouse offers greater efficiencies and on-location product tracking before delivery.

Eco-friendly initiatives

Through technology we reduced our carbon footprint including lower vehicle emissions and less paper waste.

Loyalty rewards

We offer our customers digital coupons, special deals, and more for being loyalty service users.

Special promotions

We send promotion notifications to customers via mobile to ensure they get the best deals.

Online ordering

Use our web-based tools to quickly and easily place orders for your pantry or coffee area.

Single source

Group C is a one stop shop for all break room products and services in the New York City and Tri-State Area.

Smart reporting

We determine which products are selling and which aren’t to better serve your location.

The intersection of technology and service

We pride ourselves on using the latest advancements to ensure the highest quality service for our New York City and Tri-State Area customers.

Members of NAMA, an association dedicated to excellence in convenience services.
Dedicated to providing 100% accountability and transparency through technology.
Employees trained to work with customers and exceed expectations for service.
Partner with a company ready to push the boundaries of service — Group C at 800.761.0810 and info@teamgroupc.com.