vending machines and office coffee service in PelhamPelham is Searching for Vending Machines

Our state-of-the-art vending technology is built to provide your Pelham employees with name brand beverages, traditional and healthy snacks. We guarantee customer satisfaction while we regularly rotate products along with reliable vending machines that deliver not only delicious food but a positive experience. Our vending machines even allow you to pay with a phone using your mobile wallet or payment app. We offer food created locally with quality ingredients and delivered to your location for fast, nutritious meals. Or opt for the great selection of healthy items including high protein, low sugar, fat-free, all natural and more.

Courteous Office Coffee and Water Services for Pelham

Providing your Pelham employees with office coffee is a great way to boost company morale and keep them focused on the job. Traditional equipment is a great option for a high volume of coffee brewed to maximum coffee’s flavor. Single-cup brewers are also a great option that allow employees to choose their beverage and make it fresh each time using one of our innovative brew to cup solutions. We ensure that your shelves will always be fully stocked with name brand coffees, teas, sugars, creamers, and any supplies your Pelham employees need to make that perfect cup of coffee.

Water filtration is another service that we provide that helps to keep your Pelham employees hydrated with refreshed, great tasting water. Eliminate the transportation and storage hassle of large 5-gallon water bottles with a plumbed in water cooler. Our countertop and floor standing models features all of the options of a larger water cooler model, but in a compact and stylish unit that still delivers hot and cold water.

vending service and micro-markets in PelhamThe Micro-Market is a Brilliant Addition to Pelham

Make your Pelham office break room a better employee benefit at no added cost with the help of a micro-market. With the micro-markets innovative design, each layout is carefully designed to keep a free-flowing floor plan while still allowing room for hundreds of refreshments. The secure touchscreen kiosk is easy to use for employees shopping the micro-market which allows them to use various payment options, including credit cards. Our micro-market solution is tailored to your location and employee preferences for the perfect mix of traditional and healthy options.

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