Where technology meets service

We push the boundaries of what is possible in vending machines, office coffee service and micro-markets with cutting-edge technology.

Automated product lists

Our Smart Warehouse produces digital restocking lists based on real-time purchases for each of our customers.

Fast, secure payments

Our upgraded vending machines and micro-market kiosks accept the latest mobile payment options.

Transparent reporting

App-based analytics provide comprehensive reports detailing what sells at your location, and honest revenue.

Running greener

With targeted technology that streamlines service, we are reducing our carbon footprint in the Tri-State Area every day.

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Metropolitan coffee house vending machines in the New York City

Today’s top vending machines with transparent reporting are now available from Group C

Nothing beats the convenience of a vending machine, unless it’s a CC Vending, vending machine. CC Vending from Group C invests in state-of-the-art vending equipment that puts older models to shame. Think LED lighting that makes the products inside pop, as well as reduces energy usage. The user experience has been improved by upgrading the bill acceptor to take mobile payments, but best of all, our equipment is connected online to provide inventory reports updated every time a purchase is made.

Recognize employees with technology-enhanced pantry service from Group C

In the Tri-State Area tough job market, it’s imperative that companies provide that little extra to their talented employees. At Group C, we assist local companies in creating social workplaces that inspire collaboration with pantry service from Metropolitan Coffee House. It’s a single source for your sponsored food, coffee, snacks, paper goods, break room supplies, etc. delivered by your local service provider and presented free to your employees. Our pantry service is backed by technology to ensure it’s fast, efficient, and reliable.

Change everything with better coffee and tea from a Group C company.

Metropolitan Coffee House, from Group C, offers everything you need to improve your on-site coffee program, from smart coffee brewers that measure exact water temperature before brewing to sophisticated, specialty drink machines that deliver the coffee shop experience without the barista. Metropolitan Coffee House offers a vast range of coffee and tea options as well as all the paper goods and add-on programs to make your office coffee service solution a stand-out in the Tri-State Area.

Micro-market solution
brought to you by Group C

A completely customized break room solution that uses the latest connected self-serve kiosks to offer hundreds of grab and go products.

Group C delivers a micro-market solution that is catered to you. We specialize in offering these cutting edge break room solutions to Tri-State Area companies of all sizes, including small businesses with 40 people and over. Our commitment to technology allows us to scale this employee-impressing service solution to all types of customers, which sets our organization apart.

Delegate the guest pantry services
for your hotel to Supply Wizards

Optimize your Tri-State Area service solution with a single company that offers a variety of services at work and at play — Group C at 800.761.0810 and info@teamgroupc.com.